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Volume 8, No. 7: Answer

Pennsylvania    12,702,579  (3.4 percent growth over last ten years) Adams: 101,407 (11.1 percent growth in last ten years), Berks:  441,442 (10.1 percent growth), Cumberland : 235,406  (10.2 percent growth), Dauphin: 268, 100  (6.5 percent growth), Franklin: 149, 618  (15.7 percent growth), Lancaster: 519, 445 (10.4 percent growth), Lebanon  133, 568  (11.0 percent growth), Perry: 45,969 (5.4 percent growth), York :  434,972  (13.9 percent growth)


Volume 8, No. 7: Answer

It is not unusual for a family history to contain myths and unfounded stories like the one you describe. We are happy to recommend a web site that specializes in the kind of information for which you are searching. Try this site:

This site will tell you not only where your ancestor is buried, if he or she was a politician, but may contain other information that will help you learn more about your family. You might want to bookmark this page since it will tell you about most of the politicians in your region. Founded and built by Lawrence Kestenbaum this site has grown to contain tens of thousands of entries. It's easy to use: you can search by name, for instance, or political office or use many other criteria, including geographic location, including your county, or town. We give this site an A+ in helpfulness.