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By Kelly D. Summerford.                                                                        Hard copy found in  ShowcaseNow  Issue 8-2


How to look at Art: Part I

Eighth: What seems to be hiding in this composition?


Ninth, Why do you think this thing seems to be hidden?

Tenth,  What are the feelings and meanings this artwork brings out?  Is the artist engaged in the subject? Does the art work have anything to say, or to “mean.” Does it tell a story? Does it suggest a movie, or a book or a character? Why did the artist spend his or her time creating this piece?


Eleventh, What title did the artist give the painting? What title would you have given it?


Twelfth, What other things interest you about this artwork? The color, the strokes, the ingenuity?


Thirteenth, If the owner were willing to sell this piece, how much would you give him or her for it?


Fourteen, Do you think this piece will be appealing to you in 10 years, 20 years? Do you like this piece more than the one next to it?  






These are just a few ideas to ponder as you look at a piece of art. Most importantly, don’t let anyone else decide for you? Give yourself time. There is no reason to hurry in thinking about art. And something you hated yesterday might take on a new significance tomorrow.


Do you agree with these ideas? Do you disagree? Do you have other thoughts to add? Personal experiences that illustrate one or two of the suggestions?  If you’d like to share them, please send them to me at Kellyarticles@showcase  Let’s explore art! Let’s analyze it and decide for ourselves the ways it enriches our lives and the value of our community.